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DEC LA36 DECwriter II Terminal

History Of Apple



Wi-Fi Security

Updating BeagleBone Black eMMC Angstrom



Four decades in technology, all the way back from byte hand-loading toggle switches, core memory, punch cards, paper tape, mark sense, printing terminals, drives the size of washing machines and mainframes through to present-day.

Technologist. Inventor of odd things.

With client & personal work I'm regularly using multiple languages, frameworks, operating systems, engines, SDKs and development tools, including Unity 4.x Pro, C# (Xamarin & Mono, Visual Studio, .NET), Flex 4 (AS3, MXML), some Objective C, Javascript, and Perl. I also dabble in other languages as need be, and automate things in a variety of shell script languages, and throw in some server-side Java extendibility. As well I work with hardware such as the BeagleBone Black and testing the waters with the Oculus VR.

In addition to development consulting, I also do technology advisement to investors doing due diligence, and to early stage startups.

I'm currently available, and keeping an eye out for interesting new projects or companies to work with.

I'm on App.net, on Twitter, on Github, or reach me at: cold contact @ height8 .com (remove the spaces from the email address if you're doing a copy/paste)

Recently appeared on Discover ADN podcast (also available on iTunes).

height8 on AppDotNet @height8 on Twitter
height8 on AppDotNet @height8 on Twitter height8 on Github height8.com on Skype


Toronto Unity Developers (Unity, Oculus), Toronto Mac Meetup, Oculus Rift Toronto, #iOSTO, and a number of others


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