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DEC LA36 DECwriter II Terminal

History Of Apple



Wi-Fi Security

Install & Setup BIND on Mac OS X





More than four decades in technology, all the way back from byte hand-loading toggle switches, core memory, punch cards, paper tape, mark sense, printing terminals, drives the size of washing machines and mainframes through to present-day.

Technologist. Inventor of odd things. CTO. Developer. #gamedev and game designer from 1970s onward.

With client & personal work I'm regularly using multiple languages, frameworks, operating systems, engines, SDKs and development tools, including Unreal Engine 4.x, Unity 5.x, C# (Xamarin & Mono, Visual Studio, .NET), Flex 4 (AS3, MXML), some Objective C, Javascript including NodeJS, and Perl. I also dabble in other languages as need be, and automate things in a variety of shell script languages, and throw in some server-side Java extendibility.

In addition to development consulting, I also do technology advisement to investors doing due diligence, and to early stage startups.

I'm on Twitter, on Github, or reach me at: cold contact @ height8 .com (remove the spaces from the email address if you're doing a copy/paste)

Appeared on Discover ADN podcast (also available on iTunes).

@height8 on Twitter
@height8 on Twitter height8 on Github height8.com on Skype


Unreal Engine Toronto, Toronto Unity Developers, and a number of others


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